Publié le 31 July 2023

📝 Form 100 or 163 ❓💼 Which one should you submit for your taxes? Find out here! 💡🧐

💬 Many users have recently been asking us the same questions that have been bothering them! 
💡 Here's the answer to the third frequently asked question: "Should I send form 100 or 163?"
 💬 Short answer: it depends 😉
 If you find yourself in one of these situations, you will need to complete form 100 :
 ✅ Some of your income is not subject to withholding tax (for example, rental income, ...).
 ✅ You own your home and have mortgage interest to deduct.
 ✅ You are a non-resident/frontier resident and you have insurance to deduct.
 ❓ You don't find yourself in any of these situations or have any doubts?
 Don't panic! automatically determines which form you should use based on your individual situation!
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