Our unique RTL "Success Story 2020" experience

This year taxx.lu had the chance to be chosen as a participant in the RTL Lëtzebuerg "Success Story 2020". We were able to present our project in the premises of the 1535˚ Creative Hub in Differdange to an experienced, interested and critical jury.

You can watch the episode of 11 February 2020 on RTL Replay.

We had the opportunity to present our project, together with 20 other "ideas", to the jury in order to convince them of our idea to facilitate tax declarations in Luxembourg. 

We would like to thank the RTL team for allowing us to present our idea, as well as the 4 members of the jury for their feedback: 

  • Carole Müller - Managing Director Fischer SA
  • Tania Brugnoni - Direktesch creative hub 1535˚
  • Christophe Folschette - Founder & Partner Talkwalker
  • Joubin Bashiri - Founder & Partner Tenzing Capital Partners

Unfortunately, taxx.lu was not selected for the final but despite everything this experience was very enriching. taxx.lu wishes the finalists of the RTL "Success Story 2020" a lot of success!

Your 2019 tax statement can be downloaded on taxx.lu

The PDF of your tax statement for the year 2019 can now be downloaded on taxx.lu! You can complete and download your 2019 tax return, while enjoying all the advantages of taxx.lu.
If you have completed your 2018 tax return on taxx.lu, you can create your 2019 tax return from the 2018 tax return by simply copying most of the data.

The simulation of your tax refund remains free of charge!

After the payment of 40€, you can download your tax return and benefit from a personalised analysis in order to get tips on how to reduce your taxes.

In 2019, our services are available for Luxembourg residents as well as cross-border commuters!

Some new features for 2019 :

  • If you are a civil servant, taxx.lu allows you to scan the PDF of your salary slip downloaded from Guichet.lu and import your data - no need to manually enter this data anymore!
  • The amount of the sustainable mobility allowance is to be reduced by any premiums received from the state. Therefore we have updated the allowances screen to reflect this change.
  • Contributions paid for a supplementary pension scheme for the self-employed (RCPi) must also be entered on your tax return. If you find yourself in this case, do not forget to select "Our household made a business profit." and add the data under "I paid into an additional pension plan for the self-employed (RCPi)".

If you have any questions about using taxx.lu, please do not hesitate to write to our support team.

Which is my tax office?

In Luxembourg, there are 28 tax offices for individuals. 

The tax office you should contact depends essentially on your commune of residence.
These tax offices are responsible for, among other things:

  • the registration, control and determination of the tax due based on the model 100, 

  • the fixing of advances, 

  • issuing certificates of income or residence, 

  • the management of identification data, as well as the management of secondary and other bank details.

Non-resident taxpayers should contact the tax offices:

  • “Luxembourg X", for taxpayers residing abroad (except France and Germany)

  • “Luxembourg Y", for taxpayers residing in France

  • “Luxembourg Z", for taxpayers residing in Germany

Form 163 (annual statement) must be sent to one of the 6 RTS offices which also depends on your commune.

 If you have moved during the year, you should contact the tax office that was dependent on the commune where you lived on 1st January of the tax year.

How are calculated travel expenses in Luxembourg?

Travel expenses are calculated based on kilometric distances (distance units) between the commune of residence and the commune of the taxpayer's place of work. 
The kilometric distance is multiplied by 99€ to obtain the annual amount of the travel expenses. However, the first 4 remoteness units are not considered to determine the tax. The maximum flat-rate deduction is equal to 26 units.

The means of transport is not considered for the calculation of travel expenses.

For a non-resident taxpayer, the remoteness is calculated based on kilometres between the commune (German, Belgian or French) of residence and the commune of the place where the non-resident taxpayer is supposed to enter Luxembourg territory. In addition, the distance between the chief town of the municipality where the taxpayer enters Luxembourg territory and the place of his work is added.

What should be done in the event of a change in the commune of residence or the commune of the place of work?

  • If the number of remoteness units decreases, this has no effect for the tax year.

  • If the number of remoteness units increases, the taxpayer may submit a request for rectification or regularisation.

Taxx.lu second winner at 2019 Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg

The jury decided to award taxx.lu the second place at this year's Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg.
The CYEL awards
[...] individuals between 18 and 40, who work within or own a company established in Luxembourg and use their creativity to boost an existing business, solve a problem, modify a process, launch a new field of activity or change business operations in order to create added value. These creative young entrepreneurs used creativity in product development, service development, and in their approach to the market. They might also have taken an existing business and incorporated creativity to solve a problem, or change a process, to create positive change in their business operations. 

More information at http://www.cyel.lu.

Started your first job last year? Then claim back your tax!

If you started working during the tax year, it is definitely worth submitting a "small" tax return (annual income tax adjustment). 

Why this is financially worthwhile, taxx.lu explains here!
Your employer calculates your salary and automatically withholds taxes that you have to pay to the state. To simplify this calculation, it is simply assumed that you received the same salary for 12 months. 

This is certainly not the case, however, if you did not start work last year on January 1, but only during the course of the year. If this is the case, the tax authorities must determine at the end of the year how much salary you received to calculate how many taxes you have to pay. This allows you to reclaim a large part of the taxes you have paid. 

An example:

You (not married, no children) started work on July 1 and earn 2,500 EUR gross per month. Your employer withholds 153,20 EUR per month. This means that, from July to December, you paid 919,20 EUR in taxes. Through a "small" tax return (annual income tax adjustment) you inform the tax administration that you did not receive this salary of 2,500 EUR for 12 months, but only for 6 months (July to December).

After different lump sums are deducted (taxx.lu does this automatically for you) the state calculates that you would have had to pay only 74 EUR taxes. However, since you have paid 919.20 EUR in taxes, you can benefit from a refund of 845.20 EUR. 

The state will not refund this money automatically. To claim your taxes back, you must file a "small" tax return. 

How do you fill that out? The easiest way is taxx.lu! Do a free simulation now to find out how much tax you will get back.

By the way, taxx.lu is the only way in Luxembourg to do your tax statement in English.

Claim your tax refund!

Even if you paid too much tax last year, this does not mean that the state should automatically refund you. Quite the contrary!

Almost half of all employees in Luxembourg do not file a declaration requesting reimbursement of the surplus taxes paid.
However, they can benefit from a substantial refund. According to our statistics, taxx.lu users benefit on average from a refund of 2.689,89 EUR.
The calculation of the taxes that you pay monthly and that are deducted from your salary does not take into account all the deductions that are possible (ex: insurance, home savings, interest on credits, etc...). In addition, the state grants certain lump sums to each taxpayer, which can further reduce your tax burden.

Example: A household of 4 persons (2 parents and 2 children) can thus benefit from deductions higher than 24.364 EUR, which means a refund which can go up to 10.232 EUR.

Do you want to know how much you can save based on your individual situation?
Feel free to evaluate your refund using a free simulator on taxx.lu!

Use taxx.lu to reduce your taxes!

taxx.lu allows you to make your tax return or annual statement in the easiest, fastest and most profitable way!

taxx.lu is an efficient and free tool to simulate your tax refund. This tool offers even more advantages.
With taxx.lu, you can fill out your declaration:

  • Without knowledge of taxation;
  • Through a simple and comprehensive questionnaire;
  • Which automatically adapts to your individual situation;
  • With the necessary receipts added automatically thanks to your smartphone;
  • Automatic control of all deductible limits;
  • By giving personalised tips in relation to your individual situation;
  • Ready to be sent to the tax authorities;

After the simulation, which is completely free, you can print your tax return for only 40 EUR and send it directly to the direct tax administration. 

Don't hesitate any longer! Claim your tax refund today!

Deduct your insurance and interest on credits to pay less tax!

The deduction of insurance premiums and interest paid on a credit, significantly reduce your tax burden.

With the tax return or annual statement (see tip no. 2), you can deduct up to 672 EUR per person in your household. Since the 2017 tax reform, insurance premiums and interest expense are included in the same ceiling.
Example: A household of 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children) can thus benefit from a deduction of 2,688 EUR, which corresponds to a tax refund of up to 1,128.96 EUR.

How do I know the amount of insurance premiums and deductible interest expense?

Your insurance company and your bank send you certificates at the beginning of each year showing the amounts you can deduct. Insert them in full in the "Special expenses" form on taxx.lu. Our system will automatically insert the maximum amounts to be deducted.

Want to know how much you can save based on your individual situation?
Feel free to evaluate your refund using a free simulator on taxx.lu.

Save your taxes today and enjoy extra income in the future!

Building up a retirement savings plan can pay big dividends! Today AND tomorrow!

Since 2017, the tax reform allows a deduction of up to €3,200. The reform thus allows everyone to save taxes while preparing for retirement.
It is a financial product that allows you to save for several years, a savings that will be paid between the ages of 60 and 75, either 100% in capital, or 100% through monthly payments, or a mix of both. Since the capital is invested on the stock exchange, at a risk level of your choice, you can enjoy a more attractive return than on a traditional savings account.

Example: A couple can thus benefit from a deduction of 6,400 EUR, which corresponds to a tax refund of up to 2,688 EUR.

Do you want to know how much you can save on your individual situation?
Feel free to evaluate your refund using a free simulator on taxx.lu

Tax return or annual statement?

Anyone with income in Luxembourg can apply for a refund of the surplus taxes paid!

Depending on your situation, you must complete Form 163 (annual statement) or Form 100 (tax return).
You must choose Form 100 if, for example:

  • The taxable income of your household is over 100.000€;
  • If someone of your household has more than one income (e.g. 2 salaries from 2 different companies);
  • Or if you own your home and have paid interest on a debt.

If none of these cases fit your situation and the Direct Tax Administration has not specifically asked you to return Form 100, then choose Form 163.

Completing a tax return or annual statement is often beneficial to the taxpayer. Run a simulation on taxx.lu to determine your refund!

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