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Started your first job last year? Then claim back your tax!

Published on 30/05/2018

If you started working during 2017, it is definitely worth submitting a "small" tax return (annual income tax adjustment). 

Why this is financially worthwhile, explains here!

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Save your taxes today and enjoy extra income in the future!

Published on 25/04/2018

Building up a retirement savings plan can pay big dividends! Today AND tomorrow!

Since 2017, the tax reform allows a deduction of up to €3,200. The reform thus allows everyone to save taxes while preparing for retirement.

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Use to reduce your taxes!

Published on 25/04/2018 allows you to make your tax return or annual statement in the easiest, fastest and most profitable way! is an efficient and free tool to simulate your tax refund. This tool offers even more advantages.

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Deduct your insurance and interest on credits to pay less tax!

Published on 25/04/2018

The deduction of insurance premiums and interest paid on a credit, significantly reduce your tax burden.

With the tax return or annual statement (see tip no. 2), you can deduct up to 672 EUR per person in your household. Since the 2017 tax reform, insurance premiums and interest expense are included in the same ceiling.

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Claim your tax refund!

Published on 25/04/2018

Even if you paid too much tax last year, this does not mean that the state should automatically refund you. Quite the contrary!

Almost half of all employees in Luxembourg do not file a declaration requesting reimbursement of the surplus taxes paid.
However, they can benefit from a substantial refund. According to our statistics, users benefit on average from a refund of 2.689,89 EUR.

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Tax return or annual statement?

Published on 25/04/2018

Anyone with income in Luxembourg can apply for a refund of the surplus taxes paid!

Depending on your situation, you must complete Form 163 (annual statement) or Form 100 (tax return).

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