Posted on 31 July 2023

📜🏠💰 Selling an inherited property: How to declare and manage it?

Inheriting a property can be advantageous 💼, but how do you manage the sale without too much tax? 🏠💰
1️⃣ Speculation or disposal profit?
Speculation: If you sell within 2 years of purchase, it's a short-term investment 👀
Disposal: After 2 years, it's considered a profit on disposal 📆
2️⃣ What allowance is there for inheritance?
75,000 allowance if the inherited property was the parent's main residence 👪💼
Up to a further 50,000 euros if not used in the last 10 years 📅
3️⃣ How is the capital gain taxed?
After deductions, the capital gain is taxed at half the overall rate (max. 21%) 💰
No need for complicated calculations! File your tax return on and that's it! 📝💼
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