Publié le 17 May 2022

Did you know? #3 - "Should I send in form 100 or 163?"

Many users have been asking us the same questions lately!

Over the next few weeks, we will therefore answer the questions we are asked the most so that you can benefit from our team's answers!
Please find below the answer to the third question our users are asking us all the time: 
"Should I send in form 100 or 163?"

Answer: It depends on your situation 😉
If you find yourself in one of the following situations, you should complete form 100 :

  • Some of your income is not subject to withholding tax. (e.g. rental income, ...)
  • You own your home and have mortgage interest to deduct
  • Cross border workers: you have insurances to deduct.

You have doubts about your situation?

No worries! When you fill in your tax return on, our system will automatically select the form you need to use in your situation.


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