Posted on 10 February 2020

Your 2019 tax statement can be downloaded on

The PDF of your tax statement for the year 2019 can now be downloaded on! You can complete and download your 2019 tax return, while enjoying all the advantages of
If you have completed your 2018 tax return on, you can create your 2019 tax return from the 2018 tax return by simply copying most of the data.

The simulation of your tax refund remains free of charge!

After the payment of 40€, you can download your tax return and benefit from a personalised analysis in order to get tips on how to reduce your taxes.

In 2019, our services are available for Luxembourg residents as well as cross-border commuters!

Some new features for 2019 :

  • If you are a civil servant, allows you to scan the PDF of your salary slip downloaded from and import your data - no need to manually enter this data anymore!
  • The amount of the sustainable mobility allowance is to be reduced by any premiums received from the state. Therefore we have updated the allowances screen to reflect this change.
  • Contributions paid for a supplementary pension scheme for the self-employed (RCPi) must also be entered on your tax return. If you find yourself in this case, do not forget to select "Our household made a business profit." and add the data under "I paid into an additional pension plan for the self-employed (RCPi)".

If you have any questions about using, please do not hesitate to write to our support team.


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