Posted on 25 April 2018

Use to reduce your taxes! allows you to make your tax return or annual statement in the easiest, fastest and most profitable way! is an efficient and free tool to simulate your tax refund. This tool offers even more advantages.
With, you can fill out your declaration:

  • Without knowledge of taxation;
  • Through a simple and comprehensive questionnaire;
  • Which automatically adapts to your individual situation;
  • With the necessary receipts added automatically thanks to your smartphone;
  • Automatic control of all deductible limits;
  • By giving personalised tips in relation to your individual situation;
  • Ready to be sent to the tax authorities;

After the simulation, which is completely free, you can print your tax return for only 40 EUR and send it directly to the direct tax administration. 

Don't hesitate any longer! Claim your tax refund today!


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