Posted on 31 July 2023

💼🤝 Self-employed: Ensure proper coverage and maximize your tax benefits! 📈💰

Retirement is an important subject. Should you choose a provident pension plan or a pension plan with your employer? Are they tax-deductible? To find out, let's delve into the basics of retirement in Luxembourg. 🇱🇺🏦 
There are 3 pillars to retirement in Luxembourg:
 1️⃣ The compulsory pension, with social security contributions.
 2️⃣ The employer's supplementary pension plan. Premiums are tax deductible up to 1,200 euros/year/taxpayer (RCP).
 3️⃣ The pension plan for private retirement. Premiums are also tax-deductible up to 3,200 euros/year/taxpayer, or 6,400 euros for a couple taxed collectively.
 Tailor-made retirement solutions are available for the self-employed. The RCPI: Supplementary Pension Scheme for the Self-Employed. A tax-efficient investment, as it is deductible up to 20% of annual income. 💼🏦💰
 Secure your future with RCPI and maximise your tax benefits! 🛡️🚀
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