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Posted on 17 February 2022

News for the 2021 tax return

You don't need to be an expert to do your taxes in Luxembourg! This year again, is launching several new features that guarantee you to:
⏰ Save time! 
💶 Save money! 
🤯 Save stress!

A new "Auto-Scan"

"Auto Scan" completes the tax return for you! We have improved the "Auto Scan" feature, which saves you from having to complete your return manually: 
  1. Scan all your tax certificates (e.g. salary certificate) with the " Scanner" app
  2. Auto Scan automatically recognises the type of certificate 
  3. Auto Scan extracts the data and completes your return automatically

A new App

A new app to import your certificates! Download the free " Scanner" App and importing your tax certificates is a breeze! 
  1. Scan the QR code in your declaration
  2. Hold your phone above your certificate
  3. The application automatically scans the document
  4. It is imported directly into your tax return

Download on the App Store | Get it on Google Play

FAQ even more complete

The Frequently Asked Questions have been updated and you can now access them directly on the different forms in your tax return on

Customer service at your disposal

The team has grown to be even more available to help you with your tax return!

Simpler and easier forms!

We have adapted all our forms to make them even more user-friendly, so that you can concentrate on the essentials: Saving time!

A new website! 

Here you will find all the advantages of, articles about taxation and the tax return and the most frequently asked questions from our more than 40,000 users!


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