Posted on 31 July 2023

Declare your rental income in Luxembourg! Here's How to Do It Easily !

 How do you declare your rental income in Luxembourg? 🏠💰📝

If you own a property rented out in Luxembourg, you must declare your rental income as it is not subject to withholding tax. 💼💵
Maintenance and repair costs, interest charges, management fees and property tax are deductible from rental income. 🔧🏠🧾
In addition, Luxembourg allows you to depreciate the rental property, taking into account the cost of construction, deed fees, transfer tax and capital expenditure. 🏗️🔢
Prior to 2021, the rate of depreciation varied depending on the year of completion of the property, but now it is 4% for less than 5 years and 2% for 5 years or more, with special capped depreciation. 📈💰
If you rent your property as part of a social rental management scheme, you can benefit from a 50% tax exemption on rental income. 🏘️🌟
To declare your rental income, complete form 190 📋
Make life easier for yourself by using for an easy-to-understand form that will do all the calculations for you! 💻🙌 

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