Posted on 06 March 2024

Civil servants - Download your annual salary certificate from MyGuichet!

Tax season is fast approaching, but don't let the stress of paperwork overwhelm you. We have a simple and effective solution to help you get started on your tax return with peace of mind.
Thanks to our detailed explanations, you can now obtain your salary certificate in just a few clicks on MyGuichet. 

But that's not all! By uploading your salary certificate to the "Auto Scan" form on, you can take advantage of automatic data import! No more tedious manual entries, simplifies the process to help you save time and avoid errors.

Here are the steps for downloading your salary and/or pension certificate from MyGuichet : 

Log in to MyGuichet using your LuxTrust.

Then click on "My data".

Under "Employment", click on "Salary and pension slips".

Finally, click on "CGPO annual salary certificates" and you will be able to download your 2023 annual salary certificate.


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