Different kinds of taxation

Last updated on 14 February 2024

What are the tax implications of a partnership (PACS)?

The fiscal impact of a life partnership (PACS) varies for tax purposes. Initially, partnered couples retain 'single' tax status (tax class 1 or 1a) on their monthly salaries, not transitioning to the more advantageous 'married' tax class 2.
As a result, there's no immediate change in monthly salary taxes upon entering a life partnership. However, by jointly filing taxes, partnered couples can access benefits similar to tax class 2, similar to a married couple.

Benefits of joint tax filing for PACS partners include:

  • Qualification for tax class 2, reducing the overall tax rate on their combined income.
  • Doubling the maximum deductible amount for specific expenses (e.g., insurances, personal loan interest).
  • Potential eligibility for a professional tax allowance termed 'abatement extra-professional' for both partners engaged in professional activities.

How to determine the most advantageous taxation for a civil partnership (PACS)?

How can I be taxed collectively in a case of a partnership (PACS) ?


Different kinds of taxation

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