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Last updated on 02 January 2024

How do I transfer my tax return to (ONLY form 100)

A few clarifications before transfering your tax return to myguichet :
  • You will need a Luxtrust product to sign.
  • Do not modify the tax return or change the name of the document.
  • Please note! Form 163 (annual statement) cannot be send via myguichet.
  • You must also submit the PDF containing all your documents (attachments) as well as any additional forms (F190, F700, F152...etc).

First go to the website and click on "Log in". Then log in with your device and your login. Click on "New procedure".

Then add the PDF of the Form 100 that you have downloaded from

Then click on "Add a supporting document" to add the PDF of your attachments. If you need to add any other form (F190, F700, F121), please also add it as supporting document
Supporting document
Then click on "Sign" and follow the instructions on the site.
Your options:

  • If you each have a myguichet account, send it once from each account (so that you end up with both signatures)
  • Print out the last page of the tax return, sign it together and add it as an attachment directly to myguichet.
  • Print out the last page of the tax return, sign it together and send it by post.

Finally click on "Send". The tax office to which you should send it can be found on the first page at the top left of the tax return.


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