Last updated on 15 February 2024

How are my travel expenses calculated?

Travel expenses are calculated on the basis of the distance in kilometres (distance units) between your place of residence and your place of work.
The distance per kilometre is multiplied by €99 to obtain the annual amount of travel expenses. However, the first 4 units, equivalent to €99 each or €396 in total, are no longer taken into account in this calculation.

The maximum flat-rate deduction is 26 units, or €2,574 per tax year.

If, in the course of a year, you change your place of residence or work, and this increases the distance, the increase takes effect from the beginning of the month in which the change takes place. However, if the distance decreases during the year, this does not affect that year.

You can find more details in our "Articles" tab by clicking on the following link: Determining travel expenses

To calculate your travel expenses, use our simulator: Simulator - Travel expenses



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