How do you determine your main residence ?

Answer the following questions to determine whether the home is considered your principal residence.


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Optimising your real estate assets may involve reselling properties in order to make a profit on the transaction. In Luxembourg, certain tax exemptions are available when a property is sold. However, it is essential to understand how this capital gain is subject to tax when it comes to the sale of your principal residence.
How to declare the sale of an inherited property?

Inheritance is a subject of great debate in Luxembourg. Indeed, the inheritance in direct line benefits from many advantages, such as the exemption of certain expenses.

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Selling your main residency in Luxembourg

Building up your real estate assets sometimes involves reselling property, the purpose being to make a capital gain on the property sold. In Luxembourg, you can take advantage of different allowances when selling a property.

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How to declare the sale of a second home or a rental property?

You want to sell your rental property, but you are wondering how the capital gain you will make will be taxed. Is it a capital gain or a business profit? What conditions must be respected? You can't get away with it?

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