Determine your Opti-Score

Simulate your tax optimization potential
thanks to your 2022 tax return!

Upload the PDF file of your 2022 tax return and get immediately an analysis of how you can reduce your taxes!

Upload your 2022 declaration (PDF)

With this simulator you can analyse your tax optimisation potential based on your 2022 tax return. 

How to start a simulation? 

To determine your potential tax gain, simply upload your 2022 tax return in PDF format. You will have immediate access to the results of the analysis!

What is an 'Opti-Score'?

The Opti-Score is an indicator developed by taxx.lu that allows you to assess your tax optimisation potential at a glance: 

  • 0 = You currently have no deductions and have great potential for tax savings.
  • 100 = You have reached all deductible upper limits and already benefit from all advantages

How does tax optimisation work?

You can deduct a number of expenses on your Luxembourg tax return. Regarding tax optimisation, the following categories are of particular interest: 

Pension plan

Invest in your future and benefit from tax cuts today. 

For more information, click here!


In addition to your car and liability insurance, deduct a life insurance, to protect your family members, or a supplementary health insurance!

Home savings plan

Save taxes and save for the acquisition, renovation or reimbursement of your home. 

Will taxx.lu store my data? 

No. This simulator only uses the data from your tax return to show you your tax optimisation potential. No data from your tax return will be stored on our servers!

How can I get more information?

For more information about tax deductions, please contact: help@taxx.lu