What is my outstanding balance insurance limit?

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Outstanding Balance Insurance Simulator

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This information is crucial in choosing the single or annual premium that's right for you, guaranteeing protection for your family and your assets. Insurance premiums and interest expenses associated with a personal loan are deductible up to a maximum of 672 euros per year. This basic limit can be increased by the same amount for the spouse or partner (if taxed jointly) and for each child in the household.

The deductible limits may be increased if a single premium is paid when taking out term life insurance to guarantee repayment of a current loan (outstanding balance).

The amount of this increase in the deductible ceiling is capped at the amount of the single premium, up to a maximum of 6,000 euros, plus 1,200 euros for each child in the household. Only the actual costs of the single premium are taken into account for this increase.

If the policyholder is over 30 at the time of purchase, the deductible amount can be further increased by 8% for each year over 30, up to a maximum of 160%. Once again, only actual expenses incurred in connection with the single premium are taken into account for this surcharge.

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