, what is it? is a website that allows you to do your income tax return in Luxembourg easily and quickly.

Without knowledge of taxation decrypts your income tax return and translates complicated tax terms into understandable language without being a tax expert. The aim of is to enable everyone to file their income tax return and take full advantage of all the tax benefits offered by the legislation.

Through a simple and comprehensive questionnaire

To make your income tax return, allows you to avoid pages and pages of forms which are incomprehensible and complicated. A simple questionnaire guides you quickly through the different steps. For each question, provides you with help for even more clarity.

Which automatically adapts to your individual situation

The Luxembourg income tax return is no less than 16 pages long. But most people must fill only 3 to 4 pages, since the others do not concern them. only asks you for the information that concerns you, while automatically adapting itself to your personal situation. If you do not own your home for example, then does not ask you for information. This is how allows you to file your tax return in Luxembourg as fast as possible.

With the necessary proofs added automatically through your smartphone

The tax authorities ask you to attach a number of certificates (e.g. pay slips, insurance certificates, home purchase savings plans, etc. ...) to your income tax return. makes your job as easy as possible. With your smartphone (iPhone, Android ...), you can take photos of your certificates and upload them on This is also possible with PDF files. We then generate a single PDF file containing your income tax return and your annexes.

Automatic control of all deductible limits automatically checks if you have forgotten any possible deduction, in order to be sure not to pay more taxes than necessary. If you have nothing to deduct, then records all deductible packages automatically.

By giving customized tips in relation to your individual situation

Throughout the process, analyzes your tax situation and offers tips that help you save taxes. These tips are tailored to your personal situation so that you can take full advantage of all the existing tax benefits.

Ready to be sent to the tax authorities

For just EUR 40, generates your income tax return in PDF format. In this PDF file, you will find on one side your income tax return (official form 100 or form 163R, depending on your personal situation), and on the other side all the annexes (certificates) added using your smartphone. All you have to do is print the PDF file, sign it and send it to your tax office.

Our advantages

Smart and customized tips provides you with customized tips in relation to your individual situation. No matter if you are single or married, if you have children, or if you own your home, allows you to complete your income tax return as efficiently as possible and save taxes.

Determining your refund

Throughout the process, calculates your possible tax refund. So, at any time, you see how much you can recover through your income tax return and have no bad surprises.

Verifying your optimizations automatically checks if you have benefited from all the possible tax optimizations in relation to your individual situation. Hence, you do not risk to forget any and you can take advantage of all opportunities to save taxes.

All flat rate allowances filled-in

The Luxembourg state allows everyone to deduct a number of allowances from his taxes (acquisition fees, special expenses ...). This is a minimum that everyone can enjoy. automatically supplements these allowances for you, if you do not surpass them. Hence, you don’t risk forgetting and will take full advantage of these benefits.

Customer service at your attention

In case of problems with our system, with the questionnaire or the upload of your certificates, our customer service is listening to you. To contact us, you can use the "chat" function that you find on all the pages at the bottom right (red button) or by email under

Without software installation. To use from anywhere

To use, you do not need to download any software. You can do it anywhere at any time through your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The best protection of your data

Protecting your data is extremely important to us. All data are saved on servers based in the European Union. We have a “Data Protection Officer” and our employees do not have direct access to your data. In addition, each indirect access is saved.

Encryption of any communication

Our system makes it impossible for someone else to intercept your data. All communication between your browser and our server is SSL / TLS encrypted with a "Let's Encrypt" certificate (SHA-256 with RSA). Our server meets the latest and highest standards:

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