Which is my tax office?

In Luxembourg, there are 28 tax offices for individuals. 

The tax office you should contact depends essentially on your commune of residence.
These tax offices are responsible for, among other things:

  • the registration, control and determination of the tax due based on the model 100, 

  • the fixing of advances, 

  • issuing certificates of income or residence, 

  • the management of identification data, as well as the management of secondary and other bank details.

Non-resident taxpayers should contact the tax offices:

  • “Luxembourg X", for taxpayers residing abroad (except France and Germany)

  • “Luxembourg Y", for taxpayers residing in France

  • “Luxembourg Z", for taxpayers residing in Germany

Form 163 (annual statement) must be sent to one of the 6 RTS offices which also depends on your commune.

 If you have moved during the year, you should contact the tax office that was dependent on the commune where you lived on 1st January of the tax year.

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